What Languages Taught This Lawyer-Turned-Career Alignment Coach

Meet Nia Jackson, a multilingual lawyer-turned career alignment and mindset coach. She has helped numerous people improve their mindset, go after their dream job/career and get it—including me! Read on to find out more about Nia and how she became fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

BGLL: Thank you so much for agreeing to share your story! Tell us about yourself. Who are you and what do you do?

Nia: My name is Nia Jackson, I’m a descendant of African slaves born in Houston, Texas raised in New Orleans and currently reside in New York on Long Island. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Spanish Language/Literature (Villanova), an International MBA (Pepperdine), and Juris Doctor (Hofstra). I'm an Attorney for a construction company here in New York City, I have my own Law Firm, Jackson Law Group, LLC and am a Coach and Founder of Beyond Encouragement, a Purpose Discovery Company for millennial women.

I speak English, Spanish and (Brazilian) Portuguese. I barely use either of them today even though I live in NY. I usually only use them in emergency situations LOL. I want to travel more to countries where I can use both languages.

BGLL: How did you get started learning those languages?

Nia: I got started with Spanish in high school and it was a struggle, but I was determined. I took it during all 4 years of high school, throughout college and business school. I decided to learn Portuguese because it was a necessary requirement for living in Brazil for 7 months. So, I learned a few phrases, took lessons online, signed up for a basic grammar class for when I arrived, crossed my fingers, and moved.

BGLL: Which of your foreign languages are your favorite and why?

Nia: Portuguese is my favorite. It sounds so sultry and swagalicious!!! The history of black people in Brazil also makes me feel like by knowing Brazilian Portuguese, I’m closer to my African brothers and sisters that were spread across the world during slavery. 

BGLL: What three tips would you offer those who are trying to learn the languages you know? 

Nia:  Keep pushing. Don't let people's reaction to your ability to speak another language have an effect on your journey to increase your proficiency. Practice is the only thing that can make perfect.

BGLL: Tell us more about Beyond Encouragement and the value you offer as a coach.

Nia: As a coach, I help Millennial & Gen X women who lack self-awareness and suffer from analysis paralysis create manageable action plans to improve their relationships and careers. I show them how to pick apart their problems, so they can immediately resolve the issues that will have the greatest impact on their life. I do this through the company I founded, Beyond Encouragement. Beyond Encouragement was created for those unfulfilled women who need direction and guidance to improve their relationships, careers, and lives. At Beyond Encouragement, they will learn how to deconstruct their problems and immediately use the knowledge they already have.

I also have my own law firm, Jackson Law Group, LLC. But I'm focusing my time and energy on building up Beyond Encouragement. If I have a relationship with someone (or they get referred to me) and they need legal assistance that's in my space (small & businesses contracts) then I'll work with them. But I'm not actively looking for new clients. 

BGLL: How can we find you on social?
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