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What is Black Girls Learn Languages?

Black Girls Learn Languages (BGLL) is a multiplatform digital community for black women worldwide who are language learners, language enthusiasts, language nerds & geeks and linguistas (women who have mastered more than one language). I share the  stories of black linguistas all over the world to inspire other black women to enrich their lives by learning languages. BGLL seeks to encourage black women who are learning languages by providing resources and content as well as guidance and support.

BGLL was created because as a black linguista, I wasn’t able to find other black linguistas to connect with over my experiences with learning languages, living abroad and traveling. Even throughout school, it seemed like I was the only one passionate about mastering English (Language Arts), Spanish and French, and everyone else seemed to just take these classes as graduation requirements. I dreamt of studying at the University of Paris in my junior high school French classes and everyone else seemed just annoyed at the fact that they had to be in class.

If a community for black women learning languages didn’t exist, why not create one? The mission of BGLL is to celebrate our #BlackGirlMagic and to use that to inspire and encourage those learning languages. To let them know that they are not alone and to provide the guidance and support needed to nourish foreign language mastery.

While the focus is on the languages GermanSpanishFrench and English, others who are advanced speakers of additional languages (Danish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc.) are welcomed to join the community and contribute their experiences, advice and tips as well! The purpose is to create amazing content for the site which can be used as a resource for all of you lovely language learners.

This blog will also touch on related topics such as traveling, topics important to the black community and living abroad while black.

I invite you to peruse the blog, follow me on Instagram and Facebook and contact me if you have any pertinent questions, concerns or comments.


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