This page will be updated as I come across more and more resources that I find to be helpful. These resources are helping me with my Spanish study: 

Lessons (à la carte lessons with the freedom to create your own lesson plan)

Audio Podcasts:
15 Minute Spanish For Your Job
  • by Miguel Lira
SBS Radio
  • Spanish
Spain International
  • News in Slow Spanish (Spain/Latino) Advanced & Intermediate
  • Spanish Podcast 
The Unlimited Spanish Podcast 
  • by Oscar Pellus
Sesame Street
  • Sesame en las Comunidades
Learn Spanish Con Salsa
  • by Tamara Marie
Espanol Automatico
  • by Karo Martinez
Bienvenida Productividad (formely Mujeres en Business)
  • by Stefania Dalle Pezze

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