10 Weird Facts About Me

Hola mis linguistas.


I was thinking the other day, that I’ve built this wonderful community, but do you guys really KNOW me? To get to know me better as a person, I’m sharing with 10 weird facts about me:


1.      I looooooovvveeee to belly dance. I enjoy listening to the different rhythms such as baladi, saidi, malfuf, etc. It’s my dream to host a “hafla” at my house one day. (A hafla is basically a dance party where the women dance and take turns playing the drum/dumbek).

2.     I enjoy the intricacies of language such as grammar, punctuation and spelling. In fact, I used to participate in spelling bees in elementary school. You could say I have a natural talent for spelling in multiple language.

3.     I have a wide range of knowledge about random things I learned over the years, partially because I’ve held various job titles: cashier, laborer, food service worker, beauty consultant/makeup artist, travel coordinator, as well as the aviation and pharmaceutical industries.

4.     I love listening to music from other countries, even if it’s not necessarily a language I’m learning. If the beat is nice and I can dance to it, I’ll add it to my library.

5.     I love living in Germany, but I do not like German food. I prefer to eat foreign foods like Turkish, Indian or Greek.

6.    I’m a Virgo sun, Pisces moon and Sagittarius rising. And before you ask, yes, they all apply to me haha!

7.     I’ve had some high-profile dates, such as a millionaire and a tv personality.

8.     I’m a Spanish language tease, meaning I speak a little very well but can’t quite go all the way 😝 I have native/near native pronunciation, I know phrases and sayings with the correct syntax. So much so, most natives get excited to speak to me even though I’m not fluent. LOL I’m working on it.

9.     My favorite dishes are salmon croquettes/bacalaíto. I remember as a little girl, whenever I would see my mom or dad come back from the store with that orange GOYA box, I would be so happy!

10.  I consider all millennials that grew up in New York, to automatically be of Caribbean descent simply because of the heavy influence of the cultures on the city during our time growing up.


So, there you have it. Some weird facts you’d probably never learn about me from selfies or infographics.

What are some weird facts about you?






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