10 Amazing Black Linguistas You Should Follow in 2019

Let’s face it, the faces of the language learning community lack diversity (see what I did there? Let’s face it, the faces of…never mind). Anyway, I can’t tell you how many times I came across these “language bloggers you should follow” or “notable polyglot” lists, only to scour the list and not see so much as a brown face on the list. It’s very disappointing to say the least. Especially when I KNOW FOR A FACT that there are black language bloggers and vloggers out here KILLING the language learning game.

I’ve put together a list of black language bloggers that you HAVE GOT TO FOLLOW in 2019 because they make language learning seem easy and fun!

The Urban Eve

I first came across Eve’s YouTube platform two years ago, when I was searching for black multilinguals. I saw a video of her speaking in different languages (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Chinese), and was instantly enamored. She has loads of videos sharing language learning techniques and her travel experiences in different countries, including Brazil and China. Her Instagram feed is full of colorful travel photos that are both beautiful and inspiring.

Japanese With Nana

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If you’ve ever wanted to learn Japanese, you simply have to follow Japanese With Nana! Tanizia is a young, gifted and black naturalista who teaches Japanese with the help of a black anime inspired avatar named Nana Chan. Her Instagram feed is full of lessons that are fun and upbeat. It definitely doesn’t hurt that her little helper is the absolute cutest with the lushest afro I’ve ever seen! She even has a YouTube channel and classes available on Teachable.

Ambie Gonzalez 

If you’re looking to learn Spanish, Ambie is definitely a resource you want to have in your arsenal. Her YouTube channel is full of videos with valuable tips on how to learn Spanish, how not to forget Spanish, getting a bilingual job to help you improve your language skills and so much more. She also has videos on learning Chinese, Korean and Portuguese as well as documenting her travels and relocations.

Iye Learns Norsk

Learning Norwegian? I got you! Actually, Iye’s got you! It all started when she watched a Norwegian TV Show called Skam and decided to learn Norwegian. She shares her journey to fluency on her Instagram, which is full of loaded of funny memes with reference to Norwegian language and cultural references as well as phrases and vocabulary that she progressively learns. Learn with Iye!

Discovering Language

I never knew there were so many black women interested in learning Korean until I came across, LeDonna’s blog Discovering Language. Not only does LeDonna share what she’s learned about the Korean language, the Korean culture and her travels to South Korea, she also tries to make sure you stay on track by sharing some of her goal setting and studying techniques. She’s a certified Neurolanguage© coach, just in case you need some extra help learning Korean. She can even help with German and English as she’s fluent in German and is TEFL certified. Check her out on Instagram.

Nicole The Linguaphile

Nicole is a self-proclaimed “linguaphile” (lover of languages), she speaks Spanish and is learning Burmese. She shares her language journey on her YouTube channel including tips and resources she uses to learn Burmese. What I really love is her gem of an Instagram account called @shespeakswhat which are full of her musings about life as an aspiring polyglot.

Spanish Con Salsa Podcast

This is a new podcast that was just released this year and already the first few episodes are AMAZING! What I love about this podcast is that it not only teaches you language learning techniques, but there is dialogue between Tamara (the host) and the guest in Spanish (to practice listening comprehension). The thing I find the most useful about this podcast is that she explores different dialects and has a native speaker give us insight into what makes their dialect different (pronunciation and colloquialisms), and how to listen for the nuances so you don’t get stuck. Tamara is also a certified Neurolanguage© coach. Can’t you just tell from her teaching approach in the episodes?

Ezi Na Ulo – Igbo Language Learner/Coach

Learning an African language? How about Igbo? If you’re interested in Igbo, you have to follow Ife of Ezi Na Ulo, an adult Igbo language learner who shares her journey becoming fluent. On her blog, she shares the ups and downs of becoming fluent in Igbo. She also offers much needed support to those who are beginning Igbo learners including a directory of Igbo language tutors on her site and a Facebook group for Igbo learners and speakers. She even has an Igbo accountability email series to help you stay on track despite conflicting priorities in your life (like work or school). Take a look at her Instagram for Igbo inspiration.


Dana is an aspiring polyglot who knows Spanish, French and Portuguese. Her YouTube channel is full of videos that are helpful, funny and down to earth. She covers all things culture, language AND travel! Stay motivated with her videos on how to reach language goals, how not to get discouraged and the proper mindset for learning a language. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram.

Sophia Mila Wishes

I recently found Sophia Mila Wishes’ YouTube Channel and I love it! Her channel includes musings of life as an Afro-Latina, reviews, story times and language challenges! What I love about her language challenges is that she’ll have a guest who speaks a different language, a selection of vocabulary words in Spanish and the guest’s language. She’ll try her hand at pronouncing a word from the guest’s language and guessing what it means. The guest will then do the same for a selection of Spanish words. It’s so fun and interesting to watch,

Do you know any other black language blogger or vloggers that are killing the game? Drop them in the comments below! I love discovering and getting in touch with new language bloggers and vloggers.

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  1. Just found this website!! AHHH!! Where have you been all my life gurl!? Love seeing black girls rock language learning!

    1. Hi Errol, thanks so much for coming by! I'm just now seeing my comments with the new website layout. I'm glad you're enjoying and I hope that you enjoy all the other content that's been coming since. Thanks again!


      Language Bae

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