An Online Language Event FOR BLACK WOMEN!

[Picture: a line of black women waiting and looking into the camera with the words: Coming Soon. Sisters Only Language Summit: Culture, community and connection. On the bottom: For more information, sign up on our website!]

Bienvenidas mis lingüistas!

Cómo están? Espero que estén muy bien. A mí, me siento muy emocianada! ¿Por qué? Porque, I have some exciting upcoming projects and I just wanted to share them with you.

The first project I’m working on is with Tamara from Learn Spanish Con Salsa, Desta from Languages Through Music and LeDonna from Discovering Languages to create a new online language event for Black Women: Sisters Only Language Summit. For our very first event, our theme will be Culture, Community and Connection. We will have workshops that talk about and address language topics that include our theme, from the perspective of the Black Woman.

If you’re interested in connecting with other Black Women who are passionate about languages, please sign up here to receive details on the dates, times and program schedule, once it is all finalized.

ALSO, I’ll be coming up with a career bootcamp soon for Black Women who are interested in working for multinational enterprises using their language skills either domestically or internationally (working abroad). Topics covered will include how to write a resume/CV, how to conduct the job search, how to interview & network as well as what to do AFTER you get the gig (because no one ever tells you what to do, after you get the job).

Let me know if this sounds interesting to you!


Language Bae

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