Language Learners That Look Like ME?

Have you ever wanted to connect with other language learners that look like you, to have someone you can “click” with over language, culture, travel, etc.? Ever wanted to vent your frustrations to someone who “gets it”? Do you know how important it is to see someone who looks like you that is studying and mastering language and how encouraging that could be? How it can motivate you to make much needed changes in your life, like following your passions or even changing careers? Have you ever felt a sense of sisterhood?

That’s EXACTLY why I created Black Girls Learn Languages and that's EXACTLY what the Black Girls Learn Languages Facebook group is all about. Our Facebook group has more than 1K black women members who are part of the language community in many forms, for example, as language enthusiasts, language geeks, blerds, bilinguals, multilinguals, etc. The best part? The group is active! AND the BESTEST part? It’s not just limited to talking about language. We talk about all kinds of things, like venting about what's bothering us, asking for advice or just sharing memes. Why? Because in addition to language being our common bond, we are also black women navigating a world that never intended for us to thrive in it. WE ALL WE GOT!

So, if you were ever looking for a place to belong, a safe space, you’ve found it! Oh, and it is a CLOSED group. So please be sure to answer the three entry questions for the admin to review, otherwise your request may not be approved.

I look forward to seeing you inside the group!


Language Bae
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