How This Multilingual Plus Model Came To Be

This multilingual plus model speaks English, French and Kreyol. What's her number one tip to learning languages? Find out more behind the jump!

BGLL: Hi Mocha, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be featured on the site. Tell us about you. 

Mocha: My name is Sergely Mercilus, I’m a Haitian-American plus model. I live in Brooklyn, NY but I moved here from Miami.

BGLL: I always found that so funny because when we met I was a Brooklynite living in Florida. What brought you all the way to New York?

Mocha: I moved up here to pursue a career in Fashion Design, but then I got involved with internet radio. I started meeting people in the industry and soon realized that plus modeling was becoming more and more popular so I decided to give it a try. I went got runway training and started going to castings.

BGLL: What languages do you speak? How did you learn them?

Mocha: I speak English, French & Kreyol. I used to live in Canada so we had to learn French, Kreyol is my native language. English, I learned from living in the U.S.

BGLL: Which one is your favorite to speak? 

Mocha: I love speaking in my native tongue, Kreyol. But I also am interested in learning Dutch as my grandfather is Dutch. I would love to connect to my heritage.

BGLL: Tell me more about your modeling. Besides Full Figured Fashion Week, where we met, what other work have you gotten?

Mocha: In addition to Full Figured Fashion Week, I’ve worked with several plus size designers and have been featured in major shows such as Courtney Washington, Ann Nahari, Franklin Rowe, Plus Night Out, Bethany Frankel Show as well as BET’s Rip the Runway. I’m working on getting international exposure and getting into mainstream fashion and entertainment publications as well.

BGLL: Wow, you’re really doing your thing! Is there anything else that you do?

Mocha: In addition to modeling, I’ve worked as a radio personality and as a production assistant. I have a cardiovascular degree from the National School of Technology, I am a Skin Therapist and plan on opening a spa in a few years. I’m also considering starting a charity for young girls.

BGLL: How inspiring! One more thing, do you have any piece of advice you’d like to offer in terms of language learning?

Mocha: Learn the accent in order to pronounce the words properly.

BGLL: How can we keep up with you on social?

Mocha: I have a website with more information about me and my modeling I’m also on Instagram as @askmocha.

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