6 Things I Learned About Being German

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I read a blog entry by Diva On A Dare called On Being German... which is basically a crash course on the culture clash of living in Germany, that I thought was hilarious!!! After living in Germany for 6 years, I completely identify with these. I am going to share the ones I loved the most:
1. Everything is on time… except Deutsche Bahn.
So true. I know Germans are known for their punctuality. How and ever, as it concerns the Deutsche Bahn, the evidence of that is not apparent today. I don’t wanna go into it but let's just say DB made me 3 hours late because the train was first delayed due to WWII bomb de-activation (I hope that's the right word), then the train showed up on a different track than what was on the display  (which the DB personnel also confirmed), THEN the DB personnel told me provided an alternative train connection, which ended up causing me to misconnect since that train was also delayed and poof, I could have been in bed for 3 hours longer instead of getting up dumb early just to arrive in Saarbrücken 3 hours later anyway...... it's ok though, because I was able to use the same ticket for the new train. So there!

I said I wasn't going into it, but I guess I went into it after all, huh? Haha. #freeride

2. There is no concept of queuing.
When it comes to entering or exiting a train, bus, plane or any other mode of transportation, there apparently seems to be ABSOLUTELY NO sense of getting into a line and allowing everyone to enter and exit in an orderly manner (and I thought only us New Yorkers were this rude). This is surprising considering how Germans are known for being disciplined and orderly (there we go with those unfounded stereotypes). Just imagine how mind blown I was as people rudely and brutally (ok, not maybe not THAT brutally) pushed past me to get into/off of a train…even as I struggled with luggage bags in my hand. #nolove

3. Everything is dead on Sundays and holidays.
I remember the first time I went onto the economy (can you tell I'm a military brat?), because I wanted to get grocery shopping done on Sunday before the week got started on Monday. I first stopped by Penny Markt. Closed. Then on to Edeka. Closed. Then on to Aldi. Closed. I even decided maybe just shop around down town. All the shops in the Fußgänger zone….CLOSED. I’m thinking is today a holiday?! I asked a friend who nonchalantly told me that everything is always closed on Sundays. So you mean to tell me I have to get ALL of my errand running done on Saturday?! I immediately heard the twilight zone intro in my head. #icant

4. Fresh air is important, but drafts are dangerous.
I never understood the sense in opening windows when it was less than 0°C outside. If I need fresh air I will go outside. Please do not torture me by having me sit in this living room with my full armour on (down jacket, tights, socks, leggings, pants, shirt, sweater and hat), all while looking at me like “Shahidah, it’s not that serious”. I’m FREEEZZZZINNNGG for crying out loud! #tellmehowimsupposedtobreathewithnoair

5. You have the right to offer your complete, uncensored opinion to everyone.
Two years ago, I met up with an ex-boyfriend in Bonn, after almost a decade, the first words out of his mouth are "you got big" (as in fat) before even saying "Hi, how are you? How have you been these past 10 years? Are all your limbs working alright? Have you developed any arthritis or gray hairs that I should know about?”. I was just blown away like, well damn. Them and their pesky unsolicited opinions #leavemealone

6. Cake hardly ever tastes as good as it looks.
I can't tell you how many cakes disappointed me. There was this one cake I ordered because I was expecting a not-so-sweet, muted down taste (you know the usual German cake taste), but I was pleasantly surprised, because it was the exact taste I usually want...but I can't remember the name otherwise I'd tell you to get that cake if you’re ever in Germany. #sugarandspiceandeverythingnice

I thought Diva On A Dare's take on being German was hilarious! Be sure to visit her blog and read the complete entry there. #beinggerman

Have you lived, worked or studied in abroad? What are some things that drove you crazy? What are some things you loved? What are some things you learned? Comment below! 

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