Catching Up with The Founder of Diversity Rules, Janice Deul

Some people excel in this world, others completely change the game. That’s what Janice Deul, founder of Diversity Rules, is doing for the fashion world. She’s changing the game by celebrating and advocating for more diversity in fashion. I caught up with the Netherlands-based multilingual lifestyle journalist & fashion activist to learn more about her platform and her linguistic abilities.
BGLL: Tell me more about Diversity Rules?

Janice: Diversity Rules is the online inspirational platform I founded in 2014 to advocate diversity in fashion and magazines. I think it is important that we offer the world a variety of beauty. Regardless of age, ethnicity, body type, gender, style what so-ever. We need to celebrate the beauty of all. I am convinced that this will make the world more colourful and inclusive. Something we’ll all benefit from.

BGLL: Which languages do you speak and How do you use them?

Janice: Dutch, English, French, German and I also speak shoe fluently :)

BGLL: How did you learn them and how you use them?

Janice: Dutch is my native language as my parents are from Surinam. I studied Dutch language and literature at Leiden University. I write a lot in English, mainly because of my social media platforms. Occasionally I do a presentation in that language. I can express myself rather well in English, though I am a lot wittier and more well-spoken in Dutch. I studied French for one year at Amsterdam University. I love that language a lot, because it is so romantic and full of passion. I can read and write French rather good; speaking is another issue. Every time I am in France, Paris that is, I have to adjust to the language. I should practice more often to speak it fluently. German is rather similar to Dutch. So, no problems with this language. Though I hardly ever speak it. I don’t visit Germany that much.

BGLL: Which language is your favorite and why?

Janice: French. It’s romantic, poetic and passionate. Since I was a girl I wanted to learn sign language because it fascinated me. It still does. Might learn to sign one day.

BGLL: What are three tips that you can offer to those trying to learn a language?

Janice: My three tips are:
  1. Make lots of shopping… eh… city trips to foreign countries.
  2. Read literature in the original language.
  3. Listen to foreign radio and watch foreign tv.

BGLL: How can we find you online?
Janice: My Facebook site is and my Instagram handle is diversity_rules.

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