Hey guys! How have you been? I wanted to share with you the techniques that worked for me when trying to achieve an "accent free" way of speaking my target languages, or at least minimizing my American accent
(I cringe on the inside when I hear heavy American accents in foreign languages). I get a lot of compliments from native German, French and Spanish speakers who don't necessarily think I'm American when they first meet me so I thought I would share what worked for me. Check out the full YouTube video here.

I also did my talk yesterday on Why Immersion Is Key and How To "Immerse" Yourself and it was phenomenal. I had such great feedback about my passion, my energy and my personality.

The Women In Language online conference was such a great idea! I have a round table later on today on Earnings, Pay Gap & Expert Confidence that I'm looking forward to. You can still buy tickets and all the presentations are available for replay as well. If you still want to tune in, click here to purchase a ticket ($29 for a wealth of language learning information for women, by women).

Hope to see you there!


Language Bae

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